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Which stand should you choose?
Comparison of 3 basic stands

Telescoping Stand Set up
Lightweight & portable!

Pipe and Base Set up
How to set up from start to finish

Fabric Stretch Displays

8′ or 10′ Fabric Stretch Display
Compare size difference

8′ x 8′ Fabric Stretch Display
Great size for most events

10′ Wide Fabric Stretch Display
Our most popular!

Fabric Stretch Display – Model A
8′ x 10′ Double-Sided – Basic Setup

5′ Wide Fabric Stretch Display
Set up from start to finis

5′ Wide Fabric Stretch Display
Double-sided display

3′ Wide Fabric Stretch Display
Simple setup of a 3′ wide fabric stretch display

5′ Wide Fabric Stretch Display
Perfect backdrop for a kid’s birthday!

8′ x 20′ Fabric Stretch Display
Step-by-step instructions for setup

Media Walls Los Angeles

Media Walls Los Angeles
Watch us set up this media wall for Rhianna

Upgrade to a media wall
Our top-notch product for Los Angeles events

Hedge Walls

8′ x 8′ Custom Hedge Wall with Cutout Letters and Foam Flowers

Hedge Flats Bookends for Media Wall

DIY Portable Hedge Roll Display

Fabric Hedge Popup
This hedge wall is made out of fabric & easily “pops up”

Hedge Wall Highlights
Highlight reel of hedge walls

10′ Floral Fabric Display
8’x 10′ double-sided floral display

Boxwood Hedge Roll Mats – Portable

Retractable Banner Stands

Hollywood Lite
Budget-friendly for bulk purchases

Interchangeable cassette

Star Retractable
No base shows

Double Star
Double-Sided Retractable

Celebrity Retractable

Hollywood Retractable Display Setup

Pool Floats

See some examples of pool floats
Here are pool floats we created

Pool Float Commercial
Pool float in action

Michael Cerbelli’s THE HOT LIST 2020
Our pool floats featured at The Special Event

Over-the-Top Videos Made by Our Team

Watch our team in action
An order for Brad Pitt?!?

Backdrops for red carpet events…and so much more!

No job too big or too small
Compare 3 different backdrops

Cinco de Mayo Hedge Wall
Happy Cinco de Mayo from Step and Repeat LA

Happy Holidays
Santa Claus loves step and repeats!

Our Team during the Holidays
Merry Christmas from Step and Repeat LA

Bark Mitzvah Photo Backdrop

About Step and Repeat LA

Celebrity Backdrops
How many stars do you see?

What is a step and repeat?
Step and Repeat 101

About Step and Repeat LA
Our backdrops in action

Social Distancing

Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Custom Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Choosing a Backdrop for Your Online Video

Social Distancing Products by Step and Repeat LA

Applying floor stickers to carpet

Safety Products by Step and Repeat LA

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