Choose the best stand for your display

Various stands, including “Telescoping Stands,” “Pipe and Base Stands,” and “Fabric Tension Frames,” are employed for step and repeat print displays. Watch the video for a visual overview. If you need help selecting the appropriate stand, feel free to contact us. Share details about your event, and we’ll provide guidance. Call (818) 434-7591 or get in touch with us.

Stand Options

Step and Repeat LA telescoping stand display.


The most popular stands for step and repeat banners are called “Telescoping Stands.” They come with easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations.

These stands have “telescoping poles” meaning that the poles extend out, much like a telescope, and contract back into themselves. All of the poles fit in a carrying case (a sturdy bag that is about 48″ wide). This stand comes with easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations as well as an online video

10 foot Fabric Stretch Display


This display is a great alternative to vinyl banners.  The soft fabric graphic stretches over the frame to create a seamless and eye catching display.   The fabric can be folded and any wrinkles smooth out once they are stretched tightly onto the frame.



Pipe and base (also known as Pipe and Drape) stands are the best solution for larger banners. These stands are durable and best for outdoor events with sandbags placed on the bases. They are adjustable and easy to set up. Pipe & base stands are also available to rent. The horizontal supports easily “hook” on to the vertical poles.

Step and Repeat LA pop-up print frame


Instant setup portable display that requires no tools and can be assembled in just two minutes. The fabric graphic effortlessly attaches to the frame with Velcro, allowing for easy Hook and Loop mounting on all four sides.

Step and Repeat LA truss-and-base display


Sturdy and durable, designed specifically for outdoor events, this aluminum alloy truss is a heavyweight solution. Ideal for live stages, theaters, nightclubs, and various event installations, it provides reliability to showcase backdrops in any setting.

Step and Repeat LA fabric stretch media wall display


Step and Repeat LA provides seamless media walls for grand, upscale events. Unlike the typical banner material secured with zip ties to a stand, our offering is a stunning wall of logos reminiscent of those seen on television during celebrity and VIP events. These media walls can be customized to ANY SIZE to suit your preferences. A single, large print is expertly stretched onto a frame, ensuring a flawless surface without wrinkles or creases. The absence of visible stands from the front and the option to finish the sides contribute to a sleek and polished appearance. When you request a quote, it covers logo layout, printing, fabrication, delivery, installation, and take-down. Our dedicated team manages the entire red carpet setup process from start to finish.


Basic pipe and base display setup

Pipe and Base

Truss Frame



Fabric Stretch