Stanchion and Rope Rental

Chrome Silver Stanchions
Polished Brass Stanchion

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Beautiful stanchions and rope to increase the “VIP” factor at your event, direct foot traffic and add elegance and flair.

See stanchion configurations here to find out how many stanchion posts and rope you need.



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How many stanchions?

10 stanchion posts, 2 stanchion posts, 3 stanchion posts, 4 stanchion posts, 5 stanchion posts, 6 stanchion posts, 7 stanchion posts, 8 stanchion posts, 9 stanchion posts

How many ropes?

1 rope, 2 ropes, 3 ropes, 4 ropes, 5 ropes, 6 ropes, 7 ropes, 8 ropes, 9 ropes, 10 ropes