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Red Carpet

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A red carpet event is not quite complete without the…red carpet!

Carpet placed in front of a step and repeat backdrop will encourage guests to “step right up” and get their photo taken!

Regarding the edges of the carpet:

UNBOUND EDGES: Some event planners prefer the method of taping down the carpet so as to prevent guests tripping on the carpet. Taping down the edges defeats the purpose of the nice, bound look so usually binding the carpet is unnecessary. It’s also a bit harder to tape down the carpet with the additional binding material on the edges. (Additionally, taping and untaping down the bound carpet, usually causes the binding to get messed up.)  However, every event is different and it depends on whether you want the edges taped or the nice finished look.

A very elegant, clean look with finished edges.  Be cautious of where and how the carpet is placed to prevent any guests from tripping on the edges.
What’s better? Plush, high-pile, luxurious rug-style carpet? Or low-pile, less-plush, more commercial carpet?
At an event location, we use a standard lower-pile height as it’s easier for guests to walk on (heels and on/off carpet traffic) – as opposed to a very plush rug type style.
This carpet is functional and beautiful.
If you are interested in a higher elevation pile, or custom carpet of any kind, we can help you. Please contact us directly.


More Info

Additional information

Weight13 lbs
Dimensions50 x 7 x 7 in
Red Carpet Size

8' x 4' – $65.00, 10' x 4' – $108.00, 12' x 4' – $129.60, 16' x 4' – $172.80, 20' x 4' – $216.00

Binding Option

No Binding Needed, 4' x 4' Binding – $28, 4' x 8' Binding – $42, 4' x 10' Binding – $49, 4' x 12' Binding – $56, 4' x 16' Binding – $70, 4' x 20' Binding – $84

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