Celebrity Red Carpet Events

Google any celebrity and you will find most of the images have a step and repeat backdrop behind the celebrity.

No celebrity event is complete without a red carpet entrance. The glitz and glam of the red carpet photo-taking session MAKE the event.

The celebrities dress up in their best designer outfits and they show up for a purpose, whether to promote their latest film, support a cause, etc. This must be recognized by treating them well, having a red-carpet photo session and releasing the images to social media with corresponding articles.

A red carpet entrance and photo backdrop is absolutely vital for press and social media purposes.

Why you must have a step and repeat at a celebrity event:

  • To achieve that red carpet “VIP” and “CELEBRITY” status
  • Paparazzi and fans expect the “red carpet”
  • Celebrities need a backdrop to pose in front of
  • Event attendees will feel special
  • Your company and brand is promoted by having your logo on the backdrop (seen in every celeb photo thereafter)
  • Photos posted on social media allow for brand exposure
  • Sponsors increase their donation level in exchange for their logo to be displayed on the backdrop

What should be on the step and repeat?

Your backdrop is completely custom so you can have ANY DESIGN you like.

Here’s some ideas of elements you can incorporate into the backdrop:

  • Your company logo repeated
  • Affiliate companies
  • Sponsor logos
  • Name of the specific event
  • Name of venue
  • Date of event

Best size backdrop for a celebrity event:

8′ x 16′ for smaller events

8′ x 20′ for medium events

8′ x 30′ for large events

8′ x 40′ + for events at a large venue with many attendees

High-end events in the Los Angeles area

For a celebrity event in Los Angeles, a hard-paneled media wall is recommended for the most professional, sleek look.  We take care of everything, from initial design to complete installation.