Every monitor is different.
Every printer is different.
How each person sees something is different.
Color is subjective.
Let’s take all the guesswork out and use Pantone colors.

If no Pantone information is included in the order, we cannot guarantee a color match based solely on the files you sent to us. We do our best to make sure the final print looks like the images we received. However, if you would like a color match, we are happy to take the necessary measures to get the color you desire.

Color Matching

Let us know if you are trying to match a very specific color and send us the number of the Pantone color.

We will get out our Pantone books and make sure the final print matches the color you are going for.

Order a test print proof

If color proofing is critical, please request a test print proof. This is a portion of your image printed full-size on our large format printers and the physcial print is sent to you. Once you receive the test print, let us know if it’s a go or adjustments need to be made.


The exact color gray can sometimes be difficult to achieve if it is part of an image of different color elements. In this situation, please let us know your artwork has gray in it and send us a gray Pantone number. Sending a vector. eps file is best so we can isolate the gray and make necessary printer adjustments.

Preparing your files

Please save your art files as CMYK for the most accurate print results.