Mitzvah Mania! How to celebrate *the* party!

You’re putting together a mitzvah? Terrific! We have the idea for you.

Did you know we do more than these fancy open-air photo booth things? Yes, yes, you need one of these to make it a bigger big deal. But no, we’re talking about photo cutouts. Those stand up pictures of people, life size.

Take a picture of the young person becoming a young adult. (They have no choice, it’s required.) Send that to us and we’ll turn it into a life size photo of them, (we hope with a smile).

Now, no matter what happens, everyone will see a very happy adult all day long! Shyness is no longer an issue.

Did we mention that the official photos should feature every group of people and every relative and friend hugging, standing with, or kissing the freshly mitzvah’d person in front of a backdrop instead of the living room wall?

Jamie's Bat Mitzvah Birthday
Jamie’s Bat Mitzvah Birthday

Mitzvah-Themed Step and Repeat Inspiration

Order a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah Step and Repeat

Let us know your ideas for the design and we can help you create a beautiful backdrop for this special day!

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