Red Carpet-Themed Birthdays

Consider a unique and custom step and repeat backdrop for a birthday you are planning! This will help you capture this exciting day.

Great for:

  • Adults
  • Teens
  • Kids

Benefits to having a step and repeat at your party:

  • Makes the party more fun!
  • Red carpet “VIP” feel
  • Sets a theme for the birthday
  • Guests will feel welcome
  • Guy/gal will feel like a star!
  • All photos will have the name & birthday in the background
  • Later you can look at pictures of all your guests having a great time
  • Use as a backdrop to your photo booth
  • Impress your guests
We can make you a custom backdrop for any occasion!

What should be on a birthday step and repeat?

Your backdrop is completely custom so you can have ANY DESIGN you like.

Here’s some ideas of elements you can incorporate into the backdrop:

  • Name or initials
  • Birth date (3-29-1984)
  • Age of birthday girl/guy (40th Birthday)
  • Party theme slogan (It’s my party!)
  • Any party images
  • Any color theme
  • Hashtag (#robertsbirthdaybash)

Best size backdrop for your event

  • 8′ x 4′ – About the size of a door, a nice touch, small & sweet
  • 8′ x 8′ for smaller parties (3-5 people in 1 shot)
  • 8′ x 10′ for medium parties
  • 8′ x 12′ for large parties
  • 8′ x 20′ + for birthday events at a large venue with many attendees

Order a Step and Repeat for Your Birthday

Order directly online. Or simply call us at (818) 434-7591. Our friendly sales reps will answer any questions and help you through the order process.

Red Carpet Birthdays for Kids