When a favorite family member manages to hit a major marital milestone, or the parental units crawl across some Big Year Anniversary (the ones with zeroes in ‘em), you have no excuse for avoiding celebration. As a matter of fact, it is really a de rigeur thing. (That means it is socially required.) “Socially required” celebration means “make something special happen”! We happen to have the perfect item to elevate these gala events to the landmark status they should have: Anniversary backdrop custom made to suit.

That is correct, these are marked with the wedding anniversary symbols, the relevant dates and names of interest and so forth. We’ll happily help you make the anniversary into a logo-branded capital “E” event!

Why have all those great photos of friends and family with jumbles of stuff in the background, or a hunk of wall? This is the Big Deal party upgrade to end all Big Deal upgrades.

When the anniversary is a big deal, make it a BIG DEAL!!!



A custom anniversary backdrop
Anniversary backdrop
Anniversary backdrop
Anniversary backdrop
Anniversary backdrop
Anniversary backdrop

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Custom Anniversary standups


Somewhere lurking in a musty old photo album lies one of the greatest anniversary surprises of all time. Standing in the photo to the left are Josie and Robert, before and after. We can hear you saying, “What?” from here. Look again! Those aren’t people standing there in black and white, those are photo cut-outs!

The kids snuck around and found the photo on the left and sent it to us. We made it into a stand up, life size. What a hit! Anniversary guests got to pose with the younger, original version of the couple as well as the living and breathing Josie and Robert!

Stand-ups aren’t just for Hollywood stars, they’re for the stars in your family! Put the happy cardboard couple at the door to start off the party. Have the cut-out present during the party; set it up anywhere. But it’s at photo time that these things really make the day! (Imagine Josie & Robert hugging the original Josie & Robert, and go from there…!)


Let us know your ideas for your anniversary design and we can help you create the perfect backdrop for your anniversary!