Step and Repeat LA is equipped to handle projects of any size with the personalized care and attention to detail your project deserves. Our facilities showcase cutting-edge large-format printers that consistently deliver brilliant prints, enabling us to meet tight deadlines without compromising on top-notch quality. We take pride in embracing the latest innovations in the printing industry, utilizing state-of-the-art large-format printers to produce high-quality and environmentally conscious finished products.

In-House State-of-the-Art Large-Format Printers and Equipment

HP Latex 1500 Printer

The HP Latex 1500 is an advanced wide-format printer with a maximum width of 126 inches, enabling the production of banners and media walls up to 10 feet in height with exceptional quality. Its rapid printing speed ensures a remarkably quick turnaround for our distinctive fabric and banner vinyl projects.

HP Latex 360/365

The HP Latex 365 printer, with its 64-inch width, empowers us to print on a diverse range of adhesive materials tailored to meet customer requirements. This versatile printer enables swift project completion and delivers high-quality output, making it ideal for cutting decals, stickers, labels, sticky-back letters, wallpaper, and more.

AXYZ Z7 CNC Machine

Our CNC machine is a versatile tool that enhances events by contour-cutting logos and shapes from foam, wood, or PVC, adding that extra WOW factor. It excels in cutting a wide range of thicknesses, from 3/16 inch to 2 inches. Additionally, our CNC router is dedicated to crafting three-dimensional letters and signage using materials such as wood, plastic, foam, aluminum, brass, and acrylic. This machine allows us to create customized products, including “life-size custom standups”, 3D cutouts for hedge walls and media walls as well as logo floats.

OMTECH 100w Laswer

The Omtech 100W Laser stands out as a flexible cutting and engraving machine featuring a robust 100-watt laser, perfectly suited for a variety of materials including wood and acrylic. Its high wattage guarantees swift and accurate cutting, rendering it an invaluable tool for our company. With this machine, we can execute laser projects with efficiency and precision.

Graphtec 8600 vinyl cutter

The Graphtec 8600 Vinyl Cutter is a versatile and precise cutting tool, perfect for crafting detailed logos on various materials and colors, particularly for applications on windows or mirrors. Known for its efficiency, user-friendly operation, and top-notch output quality, this cutter is reliable and durable—ideal for professional signage, decals, and labels. Its seamless integration capabilities make it a go-to choice for creative and efficient vinyl cutting.

New Equipment at our Warehouse

With the adoption of a new 16’ dye-sublimation printer, heat press and a new Latex printer, we expanded our print capacity at our warehouses in Las Vegas and Chicago.