Step and Repeat LA makes step and repeat backdrops and media walls for red carpet events of any size. We ship anywhere in the USA and install in the Los Angeles area.

We are a tight crew, dedicated to creating the highest quality backdrops and media walls with a fast turnaround. We have been in the sign business for over 40 years, and now specialize in event backdrops and displays. We also provide the red carpet, stanchions and ropes, logo floats and any other signage needed for your event.



Our parent company is a full-service sign company that has been around for 30 years. It specializes in signage & hero props for the film industry. Step and repeat banners started becoming very popular and soon a spin-off company was created, Step and Repeat LA, which has its own admin and production team focusing on this very specific niche of the business. Because we created a business entirely oriented around step and repeats, we became professionals and problem-solvers in this field.


At 14, George Collins, a Kansas native, began painting signs to support his family and later established his sign shop, George’s Signs.

At 21, he moved to Los Angeles, where he continued creating signs for buildings, storefronts, and events. Adapting to technological changes, George invested in print-cut machines, shifting from traditional sign painting to producing custom signage and props. Over time, he expanded his array of equipment with more printers and tools.

Known for his problem-solving skills and remarkable speed, George became a crucial figure in the evolving film industry. As demand increased for advertising, he regularly crafted signs and custom props for the entertainment sector.

From Sign Painting to Red Carpet Glamour: The Evolution of a Premier Step and Repeat Company

As red carpet events gained popularity, the demand for step and repeats surged. These served as attractive backdrops for celebrities while showcasing sponsor logos.

George’s daughter, Codi-Rose, recognized the growing demand and successfully launched a website dedicated to selling step and repeats. The venture thrived, leading her to establish Step and Repeat LA as a spin-off company focused on all aspects of red carpet events.

Passionate about the event industry, Codi-Rose adds glitz and glam to Hollywood events nationwide. From a 14-year-old sign painter in Kansas, the journey evolved into the premier step and repeat company for prestigious red carpet events—fueled by experience, hard work, innovation, and a new generation’s dream and purpose.